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Every project/page of the Astronaut's Poetic Handbook will be presented in the form of a short video (6' maximum).

Find an idea that may be realized on a spacecraft, on the Moon, on Mars, on an asteroid, or anywhere in the solar system.

Your idea doesn't need to be constrained by feasibility: it doesn't necessarily have to become an actual mission or project. The point is to imagine possibilities.

However crazy or outlandish it may be, your suggestion must be "reality compatible" i.e. compatible with the laws of physics. You can imagine future technologies by extrapolating current trends into the future.

Explain your project to the astronaut(s) and to your audience on Earth. Elaborate on the practical and technical details if you deem it necessary.

Your project may be grandiose and spectacular, or intimate and humble, but try to keep your explanation as simple and direct as possible.

Think of the impact of your project on the people on Earth (especially children), in terms of visuals, communication and the imagination. Emphasize the beauty of the place(s) you invite the astronaut(s) to play in/with.

Make your presentation video as visual as possible. Include 3D modelling, drawings, collages, photos, diagrams, maps, schematics, doodles etc. to illustrate and communicate your idea. Partner with a visual artist if necessary.

Find a good name for your project.

Post your video on Vimeo or YouTube and send the link to info@taph.space

The best proposals will become part of The Astronaut's Poetic Handbook!